Contact Healing Paws

Christi Dudzik, Healing Paws CEO, Therapy Animal training

All classes and workshops will be held in Woodinville, Washington.  These classes are open to the community and welcome individuals age 10 and older, and those meeting prerequisites of specific classes.

Please send any questions to Christi at or call 425-488-3061.
You will get a more prompt response by contacting Christi via email.

Please Note:  Only registered participants and their animals will be allowed in the training building during the class/workshop/evaluation.

Healing Paws offers a limited number of classes, and limits the number of teams in each class.  We are unable to offer refunds for missed classes, and do not offer makeup classes.  Please carefully check your schedule before enrolling in class.

Healing Paws, Inc. will not share student's names or contact information with any other organization.