Consultation Services

Healing Paws Inc. assists facilities in starting and maintaining therapy animal programs, customized
to meet their needs. We also consult with established facility programs to maintain program integrity. 
Please contact Christi at  for more information. 

Assist facilities in developing a Therapy Animal Program:

  • Conduct comprehensive survey of facility needs

  • Develop customized facility standards

  • Develop facility policy on visiting family pets, where appropriate

  • Develop patient or resident group sessions

  • Provide case consults with the staff and/or therapy animal handler

  • Serve as liaison between facility staff and therapy animal handlers

  • Share facility needs for volunteer therapy teams with the therapy animal community (FREE)

  • Conduct education sessions for facility staff (Includes information on the integration of therapy animal teams in the health-care milieu, staff expectations from the therapy animal teams, role playing, and staff questions being answered)

  • Address issues or concerns in the existing therapy animal program

  • Conduct training workshops for potential handler-animal therapy teams (minimum of 5 handlers required)

  • Brainstorm and assist with fundraising for AAA/T program