Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship"

Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship DVD cover

This DVD focuses on developing a more meaningful relationship between you and your animal teammate, when volunteering in your community, working in a professional capacity, and/or going about your daily life at home.

By watching this DVD, perhaps you will get new ideas, or be reminded of forgotten ideas, that, when brought into action, will deepen the bond between the two of you.

Enjoy the journey!"               

Christi Dudzik, LMHC, MC
President and Owner of Healing Paws, Inc.

Developing and Nurturing the Therapy Team Relationship - DVD
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(DVD 48 minutes)

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Who Could Benefit from Watching this DVD:

- Individuals interested in getting a dog, and wanting to learn how to go about raising a dog beyond feeding and patting

- Individuals wanting to get involved in therapy work with their dog or other domestic animal                                          

- Individuals wanting to develop, within themselves, the mindset needed for working with their animal as a teammate

- Obedience Instructors who have expanded their areas of expertise to include therapy team (handler-animal) training

- Therapy Animal Skills Class Instructors