introduction to Medical Equipment

Peter calmly introduces Millie to equipment unfamiliar to her, the walker and wheel chair. (Silent video)

Meeting a Patient

Kim and Ode demonstrate the correct way to meet a patient in a wheelchair. Notice Kim's handling of Ode, the question she asked before their approach, and her respectful positioning of herself to the patient.

Eleanor demonstrates meeting a patient with her therapy pup, Kui, in her arms. Eleanor approaches with  her dog turned to the side, not face to face with the patient. (silent video) 

safely Switching sides

Kim and her therapy pup, Ode, demonstrate how to safely "switch" your dog across your body. This makes visiting with mobile patients or clients easier in the event they can only have your therapy dog walk with them on a particular side. (silent video)

a few tricks

Lisa and her therapy dog, Bentley, demonstrate the "bow." This is a wonderful way of greeting or saying good-bye in a visit. (silent video)

Here is another option for greeting or saying good-bye in a visit as demonstrated by Peter and Millie and Lisa and Bentley. (silent video)